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Why Leadership  Learning  Dynamics?


Meeting today’s complex business challenges requires professionals with confidence, vision, and the leadership skills to drive extraordinary results.


To assist businesses and people meet these challenges, Leadership Learning Dynamics offers a suite of learning initiatives based on breakthrough thinking and real-world situations. We take the most pertinent knowledge from world thought leaders, best business schools and world-class organisations, and present it in ways that are applicable, meaningful, relevant and add value to your business.

No matter what program you choose, our learning is designed to be practical and results focussed. Expect current assumptions to be challenged and ideas disrupted. Expect to think critically and innovatively as we introduce you to new and unexpected ways of thinking.

From our learning programs, you will gain the skills, insights, knowledge and wisdom to inspire people to great achievements and build your organisation’s competitive advantage.

What makes Leadership Learning Dynamics unique is that we place YOU at the centre of the learning experience, and connect YOU with knowledgeable and thought provoking facilitators who stimulate, challenge, and engage YOU in dynamic learning experiences. We work with YOU to make a positive difference in your world.


Expect to be excited when you learn with us. Expect to return to your organisation fully energised with new ideas and strategies that make you ready to take on new challenges, engage people more fully, lead change, execute strategy, and deliver great things.


Our WHY is simple: We are committed to inspiring people to become better leaders, to think and learn more so that they realise  their potential and become  the best they can be.

Derek C Stamoulis
Chief Executive Officer




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Customer Service Philosophy

At Leadership Learning Dynamics, we are committed to working with you to achieve outcomes that make a positive difference to the lives of individuals and the organisation’s profitability and sustainability.


All our people share a philosophy of delivering exceptional customer service. We see you as our guest, not just as the customer. For you, this means that:

  • We possess a genuine desire to understand you and your needs – “to see the world from your point of view”;
  • We have a genuine desire to do more than what you expect;
  • We work with you to get the outcomes you want;
  • We have a “can do” attitude;
  • We have insatiable desire to improve – both in terms of people and services;
  • We are open and transparent in our communication with you
  • We take personal accountability for the work we do for you and your people
  • We are ethical in the way we work with you and your business.