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Strategic Planning

Develop the skills for building a sustainable and successful business. In this “hands-on” program, participants will learn how to design and implement a strategic plan.


Key Benefits:

  • Learn how to create a strategic plan
  • Distinguish between strategic and operational planning
  • Assess internal and external environments
  • Implement strategy across the business and monitor its progress.


Strategy Execution

Execution is about achieving results. Develop a systematic approach for identifying and implementing the right set of actions to deliver on business strategy.

Key Benefits:

  • Learn how to create and lead business strategy
  • Apply the basic elements of strategy execution
  • Use key analytical and conceptual approaches to deliver a unique competitive advantage
  • Align and prioritise goals.


Operational to Strategic Leader

This program focuses on moving the thinking of functional managers from an operational to a strategic mindset, allowing them to align functional goals with organisational strategy and deliver increased value to stakeholders.

Key Benefits:

  • Learn how to manage strategy and change
  • Take away tools and planned actions that add value to the organisation
  • Lead teams to greater success.

Creating a Culture of Engagement

The world’s best places to work are INTENTIONAL about creating cultures in which people can be their best. They know that engaged people produce great results.

This culture program, with its emphasis on positivity and abundance thinking, is a must for astute leaders who seek to build workplaces that provide meaning and purpose for employees and real outcomes for customers.

Key Benefits:

  • Learn how to create a strategic culture blueprint
  • Understand the importance of engagement in driving business success
  • Become a leader who engages employees
  • Ensure processes and systems facilitate engagement


Strategic Human Resource Management

Transform your HR function from an operational unit to strategic business partner. In this program, participants will learn the latest HR thinking from the world’s leading business schools, then learn how to apply it to the workplace.

Key Benefits:

  • Become a HR business partner 
  • Create a strategic HR plan
  • Learn strategies for building culture and engagement and leading change
  • Align HR activities and practices to business strategy
  • Develop metrics to measure HR effectiveness.


Creating a Mentoring Culture

Create a mentoring culture based on collaboration, mutual responsibility,  accountability, and trust. This program teaches participants how to create and sustain a culture that drives business success.

Key Benefits:

  • Create a Mentoring Blueprint for the organisation
  • Use mentoring tools to build performance
  • Improve collaboration, relationships, and trust.

Critical Thinking

Recognised as the number one competency required of next-generation leaders, Critical Thinking teaches participants how to make better decisions, improve problem-solving ability, and apply critical thinking skills to everyday operations.

Key Benefits:

  • Learn and apply critical thinking methodology
  • Assess critical thinking capability
  • Learn to recognise assumptions, distinguish fact from opinion, and recognise bias in one’s own and others’ arguments.


Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Innovation

This program teaches participants how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, allowing for more productive and creative thinking in business.

Key Benefits:

  • Learn and apply strategies and techniques for creating new ideas and more innovative solutions
  • Examine strategies that drive innovation, effectiveness, and efficiency
  • Apply innovative tools to real case scenarios.

Project Management Fudnementals

Project Management Fundamentals, targetted at non-project managers, teaches participants how to lead projects using project management methodology.

Key Benefits:

  • Lead projects
  • Manage and communicate with project stakeholders
  • Apply project management methodology to deliver outcomes.