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About Us

Who We Are

Leadership Learning Dynamics [LLD] commenced operation in 2002 as a niche provider of cutting-edge learning and strategy solutions for businesses that wanted to stand apart from their competitors.


LLD is committed to building individuals and organisations “to be the best they can be”.   


An international provider of tailored strategic learning services and solutions, LLD's capability encompasses leadership and management, business strategy, strategic human resource management, change management, creativity and innovation, critical thinking, customer service, project management, personal and team development, and organisational development.



Vision & Purpose

At Leadership Learning Dynamics, our vision is on "being the best".


It follows that our purpose is to help your business and your people be the best they can be.

We do this by:

  • Building a relationship with you
  • Listening carefully to and then delivering upon your needs
  • Working in partnership with you to achieve the outcomes that make a positive difference in the lives of individuals, to  organisational culture and to the organisation’s “bottom-line”
  • Focusing on transforming your business by growing and developing individual and leader excellence
  • Providing the learning that enables your people and your business to achieve strategic business objectives and create a culture which allows people to be their best
  • Inspiring people to become great leaders, entrepreneurial thinkers and lifelong learners



What We Do

At LLD, we have the experts who can:

  • Facilitate your strategic planning, culture, leadership and customer service workshops, retreats and meetings
  • Provide key note speeches across a braod range of disciplines including leadership and management, culture, organisational development and human resource management, implementation of change, and customer service
  • Lead high level, corporate learning/training programs
  • Provide expert advice and learning for schools – strategic planning, culture development, leadership for staff and students

What Makes Us Unique

When you choose Leadership Learning Dynamics, you will experience a difference. You will partner with a team of professionals who are at the cutting-edge of learning, a team of professionals who not only understand leading theory but who know the world's thought leaders.  At LLD, we are:

  • Committed to ensuring you – your business and people - achieve maximum benefits and outcomes
  • Focused fully on identifying and getting your training and learning needs right the first time
  • Dedicated to providing a level of customer service that surpasses your expectations
  • Thought leaders with both academic knowledge and practical industry experience and, most importantly, apply leasrning to real business outcomes
  • Passionate teachers committed to providing engaging and interactive learning experiences

Our Core Values

At the heart of LLD's business lie our core values.


Our people are people of integrity:

  • People who lead by example and enjoy, and take pride in, what they do
  • People who do what they say they will do
  • People who are client-driven, results-focused and committed to individual growth and learning
  • People who care about you, your business and your people
  • People have an insatiable desire to help people and their organisations achieve their best

Our unique set of core values include: