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Education & Schools


Strategy Services

Leadership Learning Dynamics offers educational institutions and schools strategic solutions in:

  • Strategic Planning - Vision and Values
  • Culture Development & Assessment
  • Creating Leadership Brand & Leader Assessment
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Customer Service.

Our team of expert facilitators can lead school leadership teams, teaching staff, teacher teams and stakeholder groups in creating the strategic blueprint for ensuring that your school is ready to meet future trends and changes in education.



Creating a Customer Centric School Strategy

Delivering the level of customer service that delights your customers is arguably the single, most pressing factor in differentiating schools today. 


Too often, schools take an ad hoc approach to customer service, sometimes trying to fit customers around policies and rules. This kind of thinking promotes inconsistent service and creates disenchanted customers. Schools can address this by focusing on their service strategy.


This is where Leadership Learning Dynamics can partner with you. With our knowledge of cutting-edge customer service from our work with world class customer service companies, we can help you build a level of service that can have your school at the head of its class.


Our team of experts will work with you to develop your unique customer service brand – a brand based on understanding your customers and their needs and wants (internal and external alike). 


Teacher Leadership Development

Leadership Solutions

Leadership Learning Dynamics offers tailored learning solutions so teachers gain access and can use leading-edge" knowledge to be the best they can be.


Programs are offered as:

  • The Teacher Leadership Master Class
  • Diploma in Management and Leadership (Education).

Our model outlines our holistic approach to being a great and value-centred school leader.




Student Leadership Development

Student Leader Program

Leadership Learning Dynamics provides tailored leadership programs to develop capability and potential in student leaders and young adults.


The LLD Student Leaders Program is an interactive, engaging and values centred leadership program that teaches young people how to:

  • Become leader role models in their schools
  • Understand themselves and others
  • Develop a personal leader brand statement based on vision and values aligned to the school
  • Inspire, motivate and enable others to act
  • Lead change, think innovatively and challenge processes
  • Develop high level presentation skills
  • Build interpersonal and communication skills.

Young leaders will also have the opportunity to meet senior executives and business leaders and practice their presentation and interpersonal skills with them.


The program is designed around “real-life” scenarios, outstanding program delivery, expert instruction, journaling and tailored to deliver measurable outcomes for each leader.



Entrepreneurship for Students