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Our Philosophy About Learning

We believe that learning has a two-fold purpose:

  • Long-term growth, personal development and self-knowledge for individuals - The growth, knowledge; and skills that allow people to reach their potential and make a positive difference for themselves, their customers and their organisations.
  • Effectiveness, efficiency and profitability for organisations – The development of a culture of excellence which makes a positive difference for employees, customers and stakeholders.


Our Learning Methodology

At Leadership Learning Dynamics, we take a holistic view of the learning process. We understand that “no one size fits all learners” and that successful learning rests on tailoring learning to the needs of each learner.


Training programs are designed around:

  • Providing new knowledge
  • Allowing opportunity for practicing new skills in a safe environment
  • Gaining feedback and planning for skill implementation in the workplace
  • Offering coaching support post training.

Our learning methodology is designed to ensure that learners are skill and competency ready for work. An individual learning contract is negotiated for learners and organisations. To meet the specific learning needs and preferences of each learner, we offer:

  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Supplementary Support Programs
  • Online and mobile Learning
  • Individual 24/7 learning support partners

Training Programs

Learning and training is what Leadership Learning Dynamics is about.


And WE deliver to you ALL the time!


Our facilitators are world thought leaders in their areas of expertise - among the best in the business. Not only will you learn from academically qualified facilitators, but people who have real world business experience.


Furthermore, our people have an insatiable thirst for learning themselves. Do not expect to be taught by people who have simply read a book or attended a local training program. No, our people are outstanding teachers. Each year, our experts travel throughout the world to learn about future trends. We also know the world’s thought leaders; we have learned with them; we have studied in and with the world’s best learning organisations; and we attend international conferences that define the future.

Collaborative Learning


Collaborative Thinking Networks

The Revolution in Collaborative Learning!


Given the need for individuals and organisations to remain relevant in today’s ever-changing world, Leadership Learning Dynamics is revolutionising learning with the introduction of Collaborative Thinking Networks - the future in learning and networking.

Collaborative Thinking Networks provide actionable, relevant and targetted micro-learning opportunities that enable people to learn more, think more, and perform better.

The Networks bring together small groups of people for learning experiences in which new ideas can be discussed, networking promoted, group relationships built, and organisational learning capacity expanded.


Collaborative Thinking Networks provide organisations the latest knowledge on the topics most important to business success – leadership, performance, accountability, coaching, customer service, feedback, influence, and resilience, just to name a few.


Collaborative Thinking Networks include:

  1. Strategic Networks - providing leaders with the latest, cutting-edge knowledge and discussed in terms of relevancy and applicability to the business.
  2. Operational Networks - providing practical, hands-on skills and tips for delivering greater effectiveness and efficiencies.

To remain a leader in your field, investing in continuous learning is non-negotiable. Collaborative Thinking Networks will keep you at the forefront of your industry.


Grow your business and keep your people current, relevant, productive and connected.